Maintaining Epoxy Floor Coating In Nashville

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Flooring

For Nashville homes with concrete floors or for floors in garages and outbuildings, as well as for all types of commercial and industrial businesses, finding ways to seal and finish the concrete is important.

Without a coating, the concrete will chip, flake and pit over time. It will also stain and take on a mottled appearance, which is not aesthetically pleasing for any floor area. To prevent these issues, choosing an epoxy floor coating that gives the floor the color, look and surface you want is a very cost-effective and easy to maintain option.

The Ease of Care

One of the most surprising things about epoxy floor coating for most people is just how simple it is to care for and maintain this flooring option. Unlike paint, the professionally applied and commercially formulated types of epoxy coating will not peel or flake, even when exposed to hot tires, chemical spills or other types of potentially damaging compounds and materials.

In general, all that is required to maintain the look of the epoxy floor coating is some basic strategies. These include:

  • Wipe up spills – as soon as possible, use paper towels or shop cloths to wipe up any spills. In the event, the material hardness, use warm water to soften it and then wipe.
  • Heavy spills – for hard to remove types of spills, it is also possible to use a mop and a recommended cleaning product. A pH neutral product can be used in a small amount of warm water for these more intensive cleaning needs. Never use abrasive cleaning products or scrapers on the surface.
  • Sweep up dirt – when needed, use a shop broom or a mop to simply sweep away dust and debris on the surface.

For most garages, using these maintenance guidelines regularly during the year will keep your floor in good condition for a long period of time. Check with a top epoxy flooring company in Nashville for more information on the care and maintenance of your epoxy floor.

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