Choose The Best California Wine For Your Next Party

Wine is universally enjoyed across the globe and it is commonplace to have a variety of wine to offer guests at a party. The challenge is in selecting the wine that is going to pair the best with the food, or the wine that is going to be enjoyed by the majority of guests. One surefire way to make the best choice is to visit and check out the amazing selection online before venturing out to the store. Once in the store, there are numerous staff members that can help make the wine selection to ensure the party or event is a success.

Chardonnay has been in the category of Best California Wine for decades. This style of wine is fruity with a slight hint of oak. There are many different wineries that produce a Chardonnay so it is important to know that the best one is not necessarily the most expensive. Keeping a budget in mind when shopping for wine is a good idea because it can get very pricey in no time at all. Chardonnay is also a good choice because it can pair well with many different foods.

Another that holds a place in the Best California Wine category is the Sauvignon Blanc. This is another white wine that has a different flavor profile than the Chardonnay. This wine is typically more citrusy and has a bit of a grassy grape flavor to it. This wine tends to be a bit more expensive than the Chardonnay, but there are still some reasonably priced bottles that can be found. This wine pairs very well with risotto, tacos, white fish or any type of pasta salad.

Another wine that people come to expect from California is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a red wine that is produced by many of the California wineries. This is such a popular wine because it pairs well with a variety of foods and is best served with a meal rather than before or after. Another quality of this wine is that is has a fairly high alcohol content hovering in the fourteen or fifteen percent range. This wine is also dry compared to the other sweet wines mentioned earlier. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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