Why Everyone Needs Better Furniture Cleaning Products in Huntertown, IN

People keep the dogs off the sofa, refuse to allow little ones to eat anywhere but the kitchen or dining area and sweep and vacuum every couple of days. These steps should be all it takes to keep soft furnishings clean and stain-free, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, properly maintaining soft furnishings takes a little more effort.

Remove all Shoes

This has nothing to do with people putting their tennis shoes on the sofa. It is about wearing shoes in the home. Researchers discovered that the average shoe sole tested positive for nine different types of bacteria. Wearing shoes in the home transfers those germs along with mud, sand and many other types of debris into the house, onto bare feet and eventually onto furnishings. Removing shoes at the door eliminates this worry and using the right Furniture Cleaning Products in Huntertown IN will remove any previous bacteria or stains.

Reduce the Allergens

Pollen billowing through open windows and mold released from HVAC ductwork are both respiratory irritants and something most people do not want in their home. If screens and ducts are able to release this into the interior air they are probably blowing a lot of dust inside too. Close windows when pollen levels are high, vacuum window screens whenever cleaning the floors and have all ductwork cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Change Nap Locations

Sleeping on the sofa may seem harmless but it is not beneficial for the back and shoulders and people are not helping out their sofa either. These short naps, or the occasional overnight stay, expose the sofa to oils from the skin and hair that can easily absorb into the cushions and become a sticking point for dust and odors.

Granted, people want to be comfortable in their home and it is impossible to keep a lived-in home sterile and sparkling clean. Help by reducing how often bad habits happen and schedule a deep cleaning service every six months to remove weeks of mistakes each time. Furniture cleaning products in Huntertown IN help to remove stains and ground-in debris and lift fibers for a brighter look, softer texture and more enjoyable aroma. Contact Carpet Masters to learn more about how to keep any home amazingly clean.

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