Choosing a Rock Drill Rig for Tight Places

There are a number of reasons to drill into rock. Perhaps you are in the middle of an excavation project and you run into a rock ledge or other problems. Maybe you need to set special anchors. Drilling problems often happen at the most inconvenient times and you might need a limited access drill rig. Here are some of the options you have, when you shop for one of these rigs.

Self Contained Units

Some drilling rigs come complete and they are called drill wagons. Are you drilling inside of a construction area? You may need to get into some very tight places and three wheel wagons may be the best option. Some of them can drill in the smallest of areas and come with axle lengths are short as 32 inches. You can even remove the upper portion so you can fly the rig to where you need it. This is ideal for remote regions with little or no road access.

Do you need a limited access drill rig for steep or uneven land? Maybe you are drilling on the side of a large hill or mountain. A four wheel wagon rig can get into many areas where standard equipment simply cannot reach. Some of the better models even come with wenches in case you get stuck or need help getting into position.

Equipment Mount

Instead of buying all new drilling equipment, you may want to consider a drilling attachment made especially for your equipment. For example, did you know it is not too hard to turn your skid steer loader into a drill rig? There is no need to remove your bucket or backhoe, because the best units will fit right in.

It’s possible to use the drilling mechanism from either side of the skid steer. Do you need a rotary or percussion drill attachment? This is not a problem as you can find units capable of these tasks. In fact, you can drill from a wide variety of angles too.

What kind of excavation equipment do you own? When you choose the right limited access drill rig provider, you can have a custom made drill unit made for your equipment. This eliminates many problems associated with bringing in a separate drill unit for the job. You can use more than one drifter because the mounting options are simple and easy. Whether you need a percussion or rotary drifter, you can use the same equipment for both needs. They also come with easy to operate joystick controls.

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