Getting The Correct Drill Attachment

The right drill attachment is going to make a significant difference in the ability to drill holes of all sizes in all types of rock, soil or surfaces. As a quality drill is an investment, it is important to consider just what you need and then find a company that can manufacture or customize the system for your needs.

When looking for a drill there two big categories of systems to consider. One is the excavator mounted drill and the other is the drill mounted to a wagon. Both can be effective, but the wagon mounted drill attachment offers increased ability to be used in tight spaces where a larger excavator or even a smaller skid steer would not be possible or practical to use.

Mounting Positions

With the wagon option, the drill will be mounted in one position. This typically is to the rear of the wagon, allowing for easy positioning of the wagon in the precise location required. With the excavator or skid steer type of attachment mounting can be to either side, the front or the back.

The precision location for the drill will be a factor of the type of drilling you will do and the preference of the operator. In considering this, as well as the drill itself, make sure to think about any angle drilling that may need to occur as part of ongoing work or even just occasional jobs. Think also about the type of drifter you may work with and if the design makes it easy to change drifters as needed.

Operator Comfort

Some of the systems offered by various manufacturers are not flexible and have to be installed in specific positions in the cab. Others are designed to be very accommodating and use a joystick type of control for easy operator control. These types of drill attachment controls also take up very limited space in the cab, which is always a critical factor for operator comfort.

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