Choosing the Best Temporary Storage in New York NY

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Transportation & Travel

Not everyone moves directly from an old residence to a new one. At times, there is the need to place furnishings and other belongings in temporary storage. When this happens, it pays to look around and find the best options for storage in New York NY. Here are some tips on how to find the right facility. Security Even though the need for storage is temporary, it pays to only do business with a company that offers secure facilities. Ask about the measures taken to protect the goods that clients have stored in their units. For example, it helps to know that security guards are on hand around the clock. Motion activated security cameras are also a plus.

Facilities that require people to check in and out of the storage areas is also a nice addition to the mix. Climate ControlOne way to protect furniture and other belongings is to opt for Storage in New York NY that is climate controlled. Facilities of this type keep the storage areas at a constant temperature and humidity level, no matter what is happening outside. For people that maybe storing items for up to a month, this helps to ensure that they are not damaged from any type of exposure to heat, cold, or higher humidity levels. Square Footage The nice thing about storage units is they come in many different sizes. This means that someone who is moving from a small apartment can secure a short term rental unit that will easily accommodate his or her possessions. At the same time, someone who must store all the furnishings from a three-bedroom house can also obtain a unit or units that make it very easy to keep things organized. A good place to begin the search for temporary storage is to talk with a representative of the moving company hired to take care of the move. In some cases, those companies will own or at least have access to storage facilities that will be ideal for short-term use. Along with eliminating the need to shop around a lot, the cost for the storage can often be bundled in with the overall moving charges. That can make it much easier to track all the costs associated with the move, something that comes in very handy when an employer is helping to cover those costs.


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