Things to Consider for a Residential Wood Fence Ankeny IA

Wood privacy fencing is a popular choice among homeowners, especially in neighborhoods where the homes are close together. A privacy fence is the only way to get privacy in your backyard and free from the prying eyes of neighbors. Before you invest in Wood Fence Ankeny IA, the following information will discuss what to consider when choosing your ideal wooden fence style.


The panel style fence is the most common and popular of all wooden fences. This style is also the least expensive in its category and is good for sloped or flat yards alike. The panels are often already assembled whether you install them yourself or you have them installed by professional fencing contractors. Panels can have a picket top, trellis top, or be flat across the top.


Board-and-stringer fences are constructed with wood planks in framed panels. Vertical planks/boards are secured fast to horizontal stringers and posts referred to as siding. The siding can be pointed, round, dog-eared, or square across the top. This style of wood fence is sturdy, durable, and of high-quality.


Horizontal wood privacy fencing is less common and comes with a higher cost than other styles of wooden fences. The boards are placed in a horizontal position within framed out areas much like described in board-and-stringer fencing. The exception is that the boards are placed horizontally and the panels are smaller or the frame is built and the boards are placed afterwards. This style of Wood Fence Ankeny IA is ornate and aesthetically pleasing.


Shadowbox fences are similar to the panel style fences, except the boards are placed not side-by-side, but with some space between them. They are positioned in such a way to add depth to the appearance of the fence. Stringers are placed after the fence posts are installed and wood boards are placed on the front and back opposite of each other, creating the shadowbox look.

These are four examples of wood privacy fence styles you can choose for your residential property. If you are considering replacing your fence or building a fence around your perimeter, you can choose from these as well as other custom options offered by Des Moines Steel Fence. This fencing contractor is dedicated to providing quality products and services for commercial and residential fencing.

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