Choosing the right garage door

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Home Improvement

Aside from knowing the size of the opening for your garage door, you also have to decide the type of door and the material that you want to door made from.

There are three basic types of garage doors in Orange County; the type defines the mechanical function.

*    Sectional: A sectional garage door is extremely popular with homeowners. This door is made from a series of horizontal panels that are joined by strong hinges. As a sectional door opens, the sections change their attitude from vertical to horizontal, they basically roll up and store over the car, lying on parallel rails.

*    Single panel: As the name implies, a single panel door pulls out from the bottom as it is opened. It too rides on rails and stores horizontally over the car.

*    Roller shutter: This type of door is constructed along the same lines as a sectional door but rather than be made from five or size panels, it is made by many small interlocking panels that roll into a coil as the garage door is opened.

Although these three styles are quite common, garage doors also can be built to swing outward or slide open in one or two directions.

Garage doors can be made from a number of different materials which include wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl. Although wood garage doors in Orange County require more frequent surface maintenance it is a beautiful material that will improve the looks and curb appeal of any home.

Wood garage doors are constructed using a frame and panel concept; there are two basic panel designs; carriage house or plain.

Vinyl doors are becoming quite popular, they are extremely durable, light weight and low cost. The problem with a vinyl garage door is the difficulty of repair should they become damaged.

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