Clever Ways to Store Your Clothes While in Student Apartments

Although student apartments usually come with larger closets, you may have too many clothes for your things to fit inside. As you pack your items into your closet, you will encounter the problems you did not expect. When you have a certain outfit in mind, you can have trouble locating the right pieces. Or oh, you may forget what you have and repurchase duplicate items. To keep yourself from losing money and enduring lots of frustration here are clever ways to store your clothes.


Apartments close To LSU come with private bedrooms to allow you the space and privacy you need. You can close and lock the door to your room whenever you want to be alone. Also, you can use this door for additional purposes, like adding over-the-door organizers and hooks to store some of your belongings. These allow you to store items along the back of the door where they remain clean and out of the way.


You do not have to add much to apartments close to LSU because they come the furniture you need. If the bed has enough space underneath it, you can add storage containers with your clothing and accessories. This is a great place for items worn only a few times during the year. Or, for items that are not currently in season.

Enjoy apartments close to LSU rather than fighting your clothes all day. If you need a larger unit or a storage space, contact

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