Ideas for Adding a Personal Touch to Your Furnished Student Apartment

One of the biggest perks about moving into off-campus housing is the fully furnished apartment units. These save you money because you do not have to buy your own. Also, you will not have to pay for movers when you leave. However, these may not represent your personality in a way you would like. You may have ideals that you want your environment to represent. To personalize your student apartment, here are ideas you can use.


Apartments close to LSU come with modern decorations to give you a comfortable, uplifting environment. You can further add to the peaceful environment with attractive elements like rocks, pinecones, and flowers. Go to the local park or trail and gather the pieces that stand out most to you. You can paint what you find or put it in a frame before spilling these items around your place.


Many times, you have treasures in front of you that you will fail to notice. Before throwing away items from your home, look at them and see if they could be repurposed. For instance, your jars and cans can become bases and storage containers, if you recover them with your favorite colors and designs. Apartments close to LSU are spacious and have plenty of room to accommodate your decor ideas.

Apartments close to LSU often match you with roommates that have similar tastes. So, you will not have to do these projects alone if you invite a roommate to help. Tour Ion Baton Rouge at