Common HVAC Problems Most Owners Run Into

Keeping your HVAC system in top form involves keeping an eye out for signs of trouble. Here are a few of the most common problems you’ll probably run into, sooner or later:

Little to zero maintenance

Regular maintenance checks can keep a lot of AC problems and issues at bay. Put this on your schedule so you won’t miss one.

Wrong hire

It would be best to call for a heating and air conditioning service in Jacksonville to take care of the problem for you. Be sure to choose a NATE licensed service contractor to fix any of your HVAC problems. Don’t hire anyone without properly checking their background and credentials. Ask for proof from their insurance provider to verify if they’re insured or not.

Dirty filters

There are parts and components of your HVAC system that need to be replaced regularly and one of these includes your air filters. If these are clogged with dirt and debris, they’re going to generate poor airflow. Prevent that from happening by having those dirty filters replaced regularly.

Dirty coils

These could be why your AC settings seem to be on the blink. You’ll want to have those dirty coils cleaned up. If they happen to freeze, you’ll need to turn off the AC, let it unfreeze for a few hours and clean it before you restart the unit, says SF Homeguides.

Mechanical wear and tear

Wear and tear is normal. Your AC will wear out a number of its mechanical parts and components over time. These includes parts like belts and bearings. You’ll need to have these regularly replaced so you won’t end up dealing with poor heating and overheating issues. This could also compromise your unit’s airflow. By replacing worn-out and stretched belts, your unit will last you longer. Be sure to hire a heating and air conditioning expert in Jacksonville to help you.

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