Secure Fastening With Concrete Sleeve Anchors

Attaching anything to concrete can be a real challenge. Nails simply chip away at the surface and pull out easily. Screws that are designed to go into concrete often have the same problem and can easily work out over time.

A better option for many applications is to use a specialized concrete fastener. While there are several different options, concrete sleeve anchors offer a practical, effective and easy to install option.

There are different options in concrete sleeve anchors, including the diameter and the length. These two factors will be influenced by the size of the part being attached to the concrete. The larger and heavier the attachment the bigger the diameter and the longer the length of the sleeve anchor will be. There are specific recommendations for the correct size of the anchors based on different specs and standards for construction.

Using the Sleeve Anchor

To use concrete sleeve anchors, it will be important to first drill a hole into the concrete. This will need to be the same diameter as the anchor you are using. The depth of the hole will depend on the length of the anchor and that amount of head space needed to secure the attachment to the concrete.

Make sure all the chips and dust from drilling are removed from the interior of the hole. Push the sleeve anchor through the pre-drilled hole on the part to be attached to the concrete then position it over the hole in the wall or floor.

A hammer can be used to tap the sleeve anchor in place, just use the nut to protect the end threads. Once inserted, tighten the nut to the surface. This tightening causes the slightly wider end of the nut to pull into the sleeve, pushing it out and anchoring it into the concrete all the way around for a solid, secure hold.

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