Common Misconceptions About Worker’s Comp In MN

by | May 30, 2019 | Law

People are injured on the job every day in Minnesota. The exact number of workers injured in MN changes from year to year, but according to the MN Department of Labor and Industry, about 21,300 claims for injuries on the job were approved in 2017, the last information compiled by the state.

The most common injuries include sprains, strains, and muscle, tendon and ligament tears, with falls and lifting the two most common events that lead to the claim. Backs, arms, hands, shoulders, legs, feet, neck, and head injuries were the most commonly reported.

Unfortunately, a lot of Workers’ Comp in MN may not be claimed or approved due to misunderstandings by employees. To ensure you get the benefits you deserve, it is vital to know the facts.

Misconception: If You Are At Fault, You Cannot Qualify

It is essential to report any and all injuries at work that result in injuries. Many people assume that only negligence or unsafe workplaces will result in the ability to make a claim if an injury occurs. In fact, all types of injuries can qualify for Workers’ Comp in MN, provided the injury was not intentional.

Misconception: You Cannot Win An Appeal of a Denial

The claims process for Workers’ Comp in MN has several steps. It is possible to be denied the initial claim and to win on an appeal. Working with a Workers’ Compensation lawyer is the best way to assess your case and determine if you wish to proceed through the appeal process.

Misconception: You Can Be Fired for Filing For Workers’ Compensation

Employees in Minnesota, as well as across the country, cannot fire an employee for pursuing a claim. In fact, this is illegal, and if the employee can prove this happened, there are additional legal options to consider.

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