Tips For Hydraulic Wrench Repair And Use

A hydraulic wrench is a powerful tool that is a great addition for any project where you need to get things fastened and unfastened in a hurry. Typically these are very sturdy pieces of equipment that are not prone to requiring a lot of hydraulic wrench repair services.

By carefully using and storing your tools you can help prevent the need for hydraulic wrench repair with typical use. Often taking shortcuts or using the tool incorrectly is the main cause of damage. However, even with careful use over time these tools may need to be recalibrated, which can be done by any of the top factory-authorized service repair centers in your area.

Keep in Calibration Range

Each hydraulic wrench is set for use within a specific calibration range. It is essential to know what that range is and to only use the hydraulic wrench under those conditions. Forcing too much pressure or overusing the tool is the biggest factor in hydraulic wrench repair in St. Paul, MN.

It is also essential to realize that any force to the wrench from being dropped, hit or banged while in use or while not in use can cause it to need recalibration. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for recalibration as well, most will recommend that this repair be completed once a year or once every so many completed cycles, usually around 5,000.

Don’t Use at Maximum Capacity

Using the wrench constantly right at the maximum rated capacity is another reason why some people seem to need hydraulic wrench repair more often than others. Using the wrench in the mid-capacity range and moving towards the upper end only infrequently is best for the overall health of the wrench.

In addition, always inspect and warm up the wrench before putting it under load. This will allow you to immediate spot any problems with the tool before it is applying torque and actually working.

Always check the sockets that you are using as well. Broken or damaged sockets will increase the chances that you will need hydraulic wrench repair if the socket should break while in use. Needless to say proper socket size for the fasteners being removed or tightened is also critical and will ensure that the wrench is used correctly, reducing the chances of causing any damage. Visit our website for more information.

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