Common Problems with Plumbing in Bremerton, WA

Plumbing problems are everywhere when you own a home. They can pop up at the most inconvenient times also. What are considered to be plumbing problems and what should be done if they are encountered? Expert plumbers are always willing to provide advice.

Leaking Faucet

A leaking faucet can occur in a kitchen, bathroom, or even in a faucet outside that is attached to the house. Sometimes, a faucet leaks because a washer needs to be replaced. This type of problem can be fixed without having to call a plumber. If attempting DIY repairs, it is good to read instructions on how to fix the problem or watch a video. Other times, the problem is more serious, and a DIY article or video cannot help. If more serious plumbing problems arise, a contractor that handles Plumbing in Bremerton Wa can be called.

Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets can happen anywhere. Often this is not only seen in homes but also in business offices, restaurants, and anywhere that has a bathroom. There is no secret to using a plunger to unclog a toilet but, when this will not work, what can be done? An enzyme waste removal product can also be used. This should help to break down the waste and clear the drain. If the problem is an obstruction, such as a toy, neither of these methods will work. The obstruction will have to be removed to get the toilet unclogged. A plumber can help with this.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is a problem that can not only be annoying but can waste a lot of water. This can also back up the septic system and cause the water bill to be extremely high. Many times, the toilet is running because the flapper is worn out and needs to be replaced. The chain could also not be the correct length to allow the flapper to close all the way. A quick peek inside the toilet tank can determine if either of these are the case. Replacing the flapper in the toilet is fairly simple, but some people feel more comfortable leaving it to the experts.

After attempting any DIY methods and not getting the results that are desired, it is best to call a plumber. Plumbers are equipped to handle any of the above problems. For more questions on Plumbing in Bremerton Wa, contact a local plumber.

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