Common Types Of Swimming Pool Repair In Sacramento CA

Swimming pool ownership brings many hours of enjoyment to families but sometimes repairs are necessary. When pool owners contact a Swimming Pool Repair Sacramento CA area company, the technician can easily diagnose the problem and make the repairs. When a professional is called for the job, families can quickly return to having fun in their pool. Below you’ll learn about some of the most common problems that occur with swimming pools.

Structural Damage

When pool owners notice cracks in their pool walls, it’s time to contact a professional for repairs. Cracked walls can lead to water leaks and until the issue is fixed, the water level of the pool will continually drop. When the water level gets too low, this can cause expensive damage to the pump and motor. An experienced swimming pool company can easily make the needed repairs and then resurface the pool walls to stop the leaks.

Pump Malfunction

When the water in the swimming pool isn’t being circulated enough or the water appears cloudy, this is a sign that there’s an issue with the pump motor. Pool owners may notice that the pump runs constantly and this is a sign that the pump isn’t working correctly. The filter catches debris, dirt and algae that was once in the pool, so it’s important that pool owners regularly change the filter. If changing the filter doesn’t solve the issue, an experienced technician should be called to diagnose the problem.

Pool Lights Not Working

Many pool owners enjoy swimming when it’s dark outside and installing pool lights will make this activity more enjoyable and safer. If a pool light refuses to turn on, there could be a bad wire in the system or it could be a loose connection. Many times a light doesn’t work because the fixture or the light bulb needs to be replaced. By contacting a Swimming Pool Repair in Sacramento, CA area technician, the problem can be diagnosed and immediately fixed.

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