How Do Patient’s Respond To Automated Healthcare Answering Services?

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Healthcare

Using healthcare answering services that fulfill the needs of any type of healthcare facility or practice is important, but it is also essential to understand how valuable, accessible, and user-friendly the system is for patients.

Since patients are often unfamiliar with virtual or automated healthcare answering systems, if your medical practice is considering this option choosing one that has a great rating with patients and other medical practices will be an essential component of the selection process.

Options to Select
One of the values that patients appreciate with phone systems over live operator calls is that it is a more streamlined process. The caller will have the ability to select from either an emergency call situation or a non-emergency message.

For a patient calling in, being able to self-select these options gives more control. It also assists your on-call doctors as they understand that when they receive the call from the system it is something that the patient has identified as an emergency. The doctor will also be able to hear, in the patient’s own words, the symptoms and health emergency that is being experienced.

Many practices and facilities are surprised to find that when patients are allowed to self-select from non-emergency and emergency calls they actually see a decrease in the emergency call numbers through the automated healthcare answering systems.

No More On-Hold Issues
With virtual healthcare answering systems, each call is answered before the second ring. This is true for all incoming calls, even if there is more than one call at the same time.

With this feature, patients or potential new patients are never put on hold. With the ability to leave a message, they can make an inquiry about becoming a new patient, ask to schedule an appointment or leave follow-up information for their doctor.

These systems can be used both during business hours as well as after hours. When used during business hours the reception staff or the medical professional can call back immediately, meaning that the patient or new patient isn’t waiting on hold for long periods of time, which is far more likely to result in higher volumes of hang-up calls.

While there are a lot of medical services still using live operator systems, the move is definitely to the more efficient, effective and patient-friendly options offered by virtual healthcare answering systems.

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