Conservatories in Gravesend – Choosing a Distinctive Style

Did you know that approximately 18 percent of properties throughout England are fitted with a conservatory? This type of extension is a good investment for any homeowner, because conservatories in Gravesend can be used year-round. A space for reading, relaxing and socialising, the glass-roofed buildings don’t usually require planning permission and will expand living space greatly. When hiring builders to construct one, you will need to pay thought to the budget, the materials, the frames and most importantly, the style. Here are a few popular styles to think about.

Victorian, Elizabethan and Edwardian

If you like the traditional look, choose Victorian, Elizabethan or Edwardian conservatories in Gravesend. Distinctive and available in various sizes, they are usually designed with a steep, pitched roof, which allows water to flow off freely. These conservatories welcome bags of light and feature ornate ridge details. Built to last, the roof will normally be constructed with metal like aluminium or uPVC, which can be glazed for added protection.


These types of conservatories in Gravesend date back to 18th Century Europe, when fashionable individuals would socialise inside the attractive architectural pieces. Offering the practicality of a sunroom merged with the convenience of a conservatory, orangeries will fill your property with light, meaning you can save money on your monthly electricity bills! There are many uses for orangeries, such as a home gym, home office, guest bedroom, dining space or entertainment area. When fitted with French double-glazed doors, orangeries will have an elegant look. Orangeries tend to feel more like part of the home than conservatories do, so think about this when making an investment.

Lean To

Should you have a property with restricted space, opt for a lean to. You can choose between traditional or contemporary when getting a lean to fitted. These types of conservatories in Gravesend are simple in design, which means that installation is quicker and labour costs are often lower. Suitable for use as a dining area, playroom or greenhouse, they can be connected to the home’s existing electricity connections and plumbing fixtures. Normally, a lean to will be built with a specially adapted type of glass, and this glass carefully traps UV rays. As sunlight is trapped it heats the space, eliminating the need for a central heating system.

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