What Does it Take to Choose the Right Sod in Wichita, KS?

When the goal is to improve the curb appeal of a home, nothing gives a lawn a fresh appearance like the right type of Sod in Wichita KS. The question is, what type of sod is the best choice for the lawn, and what must be done to prepare the space properly? A professional landscaper can provide the homeowner with the support necessary to ensure the sod will thrive. Evaluating the SoilBefore making arrangements to purchase any type of Sod in Wichita KS, it pays to have the soil analyzed.

The goal is to determine what nutrients are already present and in what quantities. This will make it easier to determine if any type of fertilizing needs to be applied before the sod is put in place, or if the only thing needed is some watering once the sod is laid. If the soil is depleted, there are several ways to correct the situation. Turning the soil and introducing fertilizers will certainly make a difference.

In some cases, it pays to do this a few weeks before installing any Sod in Wichita KS, then testing the soil to ensure it will allow the roots to take hold and thrive. Choosing the SodGrass comes in many different types, with some of them being better suited to the tastes and preferences of different homeowners. The landscaper can work with the owner to identify types of sod that will be the perfect fit. For example, if the homeowner wants a lush lawn that will grow fast and strong, there are specific types of grass to consider. When the main goal is to have ground cover that does not require a lot of mowing and upkeep, other forms of grass will be a better choice.

The landscaper can also ensure that the Sod in Wichita KS, is installed properly. This will involve doing any grading necessary in advance, and then taking care of the watering needs once the sod is in place. That professional can also come back to take care of more watering and infusing nutrients in the soil until it is apparent the sod has taken root. At that point, the focus will shift from lawn creation to lawn maintenance.

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