Considerations When Choosing Roof Coating Systems

Replacing a current roof on a commercial building or choosing a roof for new construction provides the opportunity to customize the roofing options based on several different factors. Taking the time to consider what is needed in the roofing product makes it easier to narrow down your choices of effective roof coating systems.

Quality and Durability of the Product

Not all roof coating systems are designed to last for the life of the building. Some of the most popular options in roofing systems will last a decade or more, but they will eventually need to be replaced or restored. There are some roof coatings on the market that are extremely low-maintenance, which means that the roof provides a better return on investment for limited service and maintenance requirements as well as the long life cycle of the roof.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

The top roof coating manufacturers work with approved roofing companies to apply their roof coating systems. This means that the installation company has to be trained for both assistance in selecting the best roofing system for the specific building as well as the installation process for the roof.

These manufacturers provide a warranty for their roofing products when they are installed by one of their approved roofers. The warranty will vary based on the needs of the customer as well as the type of roofing applied.

Cost of Product and Installation

The final decision when comparing different roofing systems is always going to be the total cost. This includes the cost of the coating as well as the installation. Most building owners and managers will find that the top companies offering commercial roofing systems are very competitive in pricing. It is often the warranty, durability, and maintenance requirements of the roof that are the deciding factors in choosing one company over another.