Gerber Makes More Than Knives – Shop the Full Product Line

Gerber has been making quality knives since the company was founded in Oregon over 80 years ago. Today, Gerber’s line of products includes knives and related products including axes, sharpeners and multi-tools. Whether you are looking for a general-purpose knife or one for a specific task, Gerber has the knife that you need.

Folding Knives
Many of the Gerber knives for sale are folding style knives. From simple pen knives to large lock blades for field dressing big game animals, Gerber has a folding knife for virtually any situation. Even with moving parts, the folding knives from Gerber carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Fixed Blade Knives
From survival situations to filleting fish, fixed blade knives are ideal for many different tasks. Gerber’s fixed blades knives are available with both natural wood and synthetic handles. The base metals used in these knives vary depending on their purpose. For example, a diving knife may use stainless steel to prevent corrosion while a hunting knife may use high carbon steel that is easier to sharpen.

Other Products
In addition to the many Gerber knives for sale, there are also a variety of accessories available. For example, Gerber makes many multi-tools for simple repairs and backwoods adventures. In addition, Gerber makes machetes, tactical pens, fire starters and more.

Gerber’s high level of quality has allowed it to earn contracts with the US Armed Forces and many police departments and we believe that you will love their products as well. Blade City has a full selection of Gerber knives, axes and related products. Shop with us at Blade City for all of your knife related needs.