Consult a Funeral Home in Portland for Headstone Selection Help

Death is an unfortunate and sad part of life, and many people place great importance on how they will be laid to rest. Headstones and grave markers are an integral part of the funerary process, and at a funeral home in Portland, the staff is there to help families with headstone selection and other parts of funeral planning. As the search for a grave marker begins, families should keep the following factors in mind.

Cemetery Rules

The most important part of selecting a headstone is to ensure that the family is updated on regulations for the cemetery in which the loved one will be buried. Some cemeteries impose limits on headstone height and width, and others may prohibit certain materials. While some install headstones free, others charge for the service.

Budgetary Constraints

It sounds simple-;and it usually is-;but when wills are considered, budget problems can become complex. It is not fun to think of money during a time of grief and loss, but it might be necessary to determine whether a loved one has set aside money for final expenses. Even when this is not necessary, budgeting is a top priority when families are making advance arrangements.

Marker Type

Whether it’s curbed, flat, upright or in a different style, this is an element that families can control once the budget is in place. Once again, it is important to clarify with the cemetery its regulations on headstone type, size, and construction.


The images and messages left on headstones are emblematic of the way a person lived his or her life, and as such, they are important to most people. If a loved one has the opportunity to offer his or her input before passing on, that can simplify the process. However, surviving family members can choose elements that fit the decedent’s personality when selecting an inscription.

When a person plans their own funeral in advance, or they’re planning for a loved one, it’s important to be specific and to work with a funeral home in Portland to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Grave markers and headstones are a big part of a person’s enduring memory, and families deserve to have things they way they want them.

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