Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer In Bremerton If You’ve Been Hurt

Terrible and frightening accidents occur without warning. When a dog bite or an auto collision, bicycle, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident happens, it can result in injuries that prevent someone from working. Their loss of wages, combined with mounting medical bills and healing from their injuries, deserves compensation from the negligent party. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Bremerton will fight for the individual’s rights. If money to pay the lawyer is a concern, a victim doesn’t have to worry. They will not be responsible for any legal fees. The lawyer will only receive a portion of the compensation they receive on a victim’s behalf.

The only way to receive a fair settlement is with the help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bremerton. Their extensive knowledge of the personal injury law will provide a victim with the representation they need. They offer a free initial consultation to an injured person to get the advice they need when money is tight. Early intervention by a personal injury lawyer is very important in accidents involving more than one negligent party. Evidence needs to be collected and witnesses need to be interviewed before they forget important facts.

Serious injuries can include permanent scarring, broken bones, the loss of a limb, brain or nerve damage, and the loss of life. If a victim dies from the injuries they received, family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. A spouse, parent, or child can be represented by a personal injury lawyer on behalf of their loved one’s estate. The attorney will not be able to bring their loved one back, but they can fight for the payment of medical bills, the replacement of future wages, as well as the loss of love and guidance from the deceased family member.

An insurance company who represents the negligent party is not your friend. They are only interested in protecting their company. They’re not interested in compensating you. You should not negotiate any type of settlement on your own or sign a settlement agreement without first contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer. Otto Law Offices have more 25 years of experience successfully representing clients in personal injury claims. They will help you receive the largest settlement you’re legally entitled to.

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