Contacting A Service To Provide Opossum Removal in Westerville OH

When a homeowner discovers there are several opossums living underneath their home, removing them promptly is sure to be a concern. Contacting a wildlife service to conduct an opossum removal in Westerville OH is an effective solution. After contacting a professional to do a removal process, use the following tips to keep these creatures from taking up residence on property again in the future.

Frighten Opossums With Movement

Opossums will stay away from areas where they feel they are being threatened. Consider installing motion detection lighting on a property to scare opossums away when they come on. Another method of deterring opossums is by using a motion-activated sprinkler system. Opossums will run away from the premises when they get frightened by the movement and discomfort of the water emitted from this equipment.

Remove Attractions From The Property

It is best to keep all food products far out of reach of opossums and other pests. If a grill is used to heat food, make sure it is completely clean after a session of use so remnants are not left behind. Make sure to keep garbage cans in a garage or shed where disposed of food scraps are not smelled. Cover any water sources on the property when they are not in use as well.

Use Deterrants To Help

Opossums will not make a home for themselves in spots where certain odors are present. Opossums tend to stay away from the smells of garlic, ammonia, or mothballs. Place one of these items in the spot where opossums were noticed previously so they do not return.

Get A Check Done Regularly

A wildlife service can come to a home to do a check for any animals that are living on the premises if there is doubt about them vacating completely. Routine checks for squirrels, bats, opossums, and other critters that hide under homes and in attics is best. This way they will be removed quickly and effectively.

When there is a need for opossum removal in Westerville OH, consider contacting a professional that will make sure the animals are not harmed during the process. Visit us online to find out more.

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