Proactive and Reactive Animal Control in Westerville, OH

Once again, the peak season for animal control in Westerville OH has rolled around. Late summer crops are coming in, fruit trees are laden with tasty treats, and the local wildlife is looking for cozy winter homes in advance of the cold weather to come. Numerous pest removal options are at homeowners’ disposal, ranging from traps to repellents. Finding the most effective method depends on a number of factors, not the least of which are the type of pest in question and whether you’re being proactive or reactive.

Tap Dancing Around Traps

Traps can be a precarious matter. Regulations are in place to protect certain animals, and trying to trap certain species on your own can be dangerous. Some carry diseases and attack when they feel threatened. Simple laws of nature apply as well. After all, many animals have become savvy to traps and learned how to avoid them. Obviously, placing traps inside your home to catch mice and rats is perfectly legal and even advised but, outside the house, calling in a professional is the best course of action.

Establishing Boundaries

If a wild animal finds a way into your yard or under your home, it’ll see this as an opportunity to bed down. Check for gaps in fences, underpinning, and skirting, and seal them to eliminate possible entry points. Don’t overlook the eaves and other structural elements of the home, either. Be sure the spaces underneath storage sheds and other buildings are inaccessible, too. Some animals can squeeze into seemingly impossible cracks, so even the smallest gaps shouldn’t be ignored. All protective barriers should extend several inches below ground level to thwart burrowers.

Using Repellents

Countless repellents are on the market to aid in animal control in Westerville OH. Some sound good in theory, but few are effective in practice. Predator urine, pepper spray, and similar products are only somewhat effective for certain animals and need to be reapplied continually. Sonic deterrents can help ward off many animals, but some pests simply skirt around the sound and go on about their business.

Using traps outside the home can bring about physical and legal ramifications in spite of the fact that you’re protecting your own property. Repellents are minimally effective at best, and some entry points are difficult to spot. Contact Wildlife Control Company for help with removing pests and preventing their return.

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