Corporate Serviced Apartments: Where You Lay Your Head Is Home

If you are self-employed or your company is represented internationally, then you may have to travel for work and even live abroad for extended periods of time. Traveling itself is almost a job. Juggling your passport, luggage, flights and finding ground transportation and restaurants to eat at while you are trying to stay productive can not only be stressful on your mind, but also your body. To maintain high levels of energy and function, you need a good night’s rest and proper nutrition.

Corporate serviced apartments are the closest thing to having your home with you while you are away. They have one to three bedrooms for just you or your whole family if need be. They are equipped with full baths and kitchens so you can keep food for more than a day without waking up to pungent odors because you had no place to keep your delicious leftovers. You’ll have a refrigerator, an oven, silverware and real cups instead of Styrofoam or plastic to use whilst you prepare meals of champions. There is no lack of amenities for your comfort and stay.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Pearl Group of Serviced Apartments lets you determine how you experience your extended stay. Sometimes hotels can be noisy and interrupt your privacy. Living in one of the corporate serviced apartments, you can avoid the annoyances of hotel servicers and other travelers.

Ever have room service wake you up because you forgot to put the “do not disturb” door handle sign out? Or, have you finally gotten your bed sheets perfectly relaxed to your unique fit, only to return to your room and find it completely remade? Have you ever been working hard in your hotel room, only to have your deep concentration shattered by the noise of your newlywed neighbors on vacation? Staying in corporate serviced apartments ensures your peace and privacy is placed at a premium so that you can focus on your deadlines and work goals.

Stay With Safety in Mind

Sometimes predators target easily accessible hotels for theft because hotels are busy, loud and mostly full of travelers who have their minds on having fun. Internationally wanted criminals and government spies have been known to stay in foreign hotels because of the lax security and easy exit routes. This is not the case with corporate apartments. The Pearl Group of Serviced apartments has trained security professionals patrolling the apartment grounds, pledged to protect your welfare.

The next time you need to go out of town for a month-long project, make arrangements to stay at corporate serviced apartments. Your flight may be long, and the street signs of your new location may be in a language you don’t speak, but your one safe haven will be your room at corporate serviced apartments.

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