Two Unique Exterior Door Types For Any Business

Creating a unique look to a business, particularly a boutique, exclusive retail store or a professional office is a simple way to set your business apart from the competition. One way to do this is with unique exterior doors which reflect your personal taste.

Choosing the right exclusive types of exterior doors doesn’t mean you have to give up on security, fire resistance or even protection from storms and the elements. Beautifully designed, secure, safe and durable doors will add to the look of your storefront or office while also helping to provide protection for your business.

To get an idea of what is available in unique, creative and eye-catching exterior doors browse around online. There are two types of these doors well worth an additional look for their beauty and the message they send about your business.

Copper Doors

Copper exterior doors come in a range of different styles, designs and even colors of copper. They tend to be very modern in their appearance while also having a very classic and timeless look. These are a perfect option for an upscale boutique, a professional office or for a restaurant or entertainment venue.

The copper exterior is easy to care for, extremely durable, and also requires very little in the way of any type of upkeep. It is ideal in all types of weather conditions and continues to have a beautiful glow no matter how long they are in use.

Carved Doors

For a more traditional look and one which can be customized to include your company name, your brand or logo, a monogram or even a particular design, carved doors are a great answer. These are literally works of art ready to welcome your customers, clients and guests into your place of business. They are perfect for professional offices, restaurants, entertainment spots and for exclusive boutiques.

These are unique exterior doors custom made from your choice of wood. They can be single or double doors and can include side lights, transoms and windows or they can be solid doors which are very classic in their design.

Choices of glass, hardware, finishes, stains, wood and even design elements make both copper and carved doors amazing options. You may even find you like elements of different exterior doors, so finding a company offering custom design assistance may be the perfect choice for your door exterior door needs.

We offer some very unique and original exterior doors for any business. With top security features and one of a kind design, doors by Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. add an extra touch.

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