Custom Wood Doors: Front Doors And Good Impressions

It is easy to underestimate the power of your entryway. The front door is truly the focus of all who enter your home. While it cannot make up for a dilapidated exterior or rundown landscape, it can detract from an otherwise lovely residence. If you want to create a good impression on neighbors, family, friends and guests, why not consider the power of custom wood doors.

Custom Wood Doors: Creating Curb Appeal

Most people see your home as they walk, ride or drive by. If you want it to standout from the pack, without being overtly flashy or offensive, you can turn to natural wood doors. Custom Wood Doors offer a variety of styles, wood types and colors that can, together with the right hardware, establish a subtle or strong impact on the viewers. It will also increase the overall curb appeal of your home. This will prove to be beneficial if you decide to sell your home sometime in the future.

Styles of Custom Wood Doors

Doors come in all styles. While it is possible to locate what you want off the shelf at most door outlets, you can make certain it is harmonious with your home if you opt for a custom-made door. Custom wood doors can transcend the basic styles. You can still turn to popular styles:

* Craftsman

* Edwardian

* French

* Georgian

* Mission

* Patio

* Shaker

* Victorian

However, you can also customize one to meet the eclectic style of your home or to address specific design requirements e.g. overlarge size, unique proportions, etc. or simply modernize a traditional style. You can always opt for a traditional or modern style but custom wood doors will always provide you with the result you need to make your front door pop.


Styles are one thing; colors and the addition of glass and fixtures are another. By deciding on custom wood doors, you can add specific details lacking in the ready-made versions. You may decide that it requires some type of embellishment. The entry door of your design may have:

* A specific number of panels – an odd number such as three, perhaps

* Panels that are in a different configuration no longer popular or common

* Plain glass installed above a Victorian panel door

* Beveled glass in an Edwardian door

* Stained glass as inlays

* Custom sidelights

Customized door hardware such as door handles, knockers or door bells

All these help to create custom wood doors that are truly unique in character but also complement your residence.