Making The Right Choice In Grinder Bits

The use of different types of grinder bits, also known as grinder teeth, is important based on the type of vegetation you are working with and the specific equipment and application.

Specific equipment manufacturers have slightly different designs to their grinder bits, which means that they are not interchangeable in most situations. However, there are specialized companies making replacement teeth that will work with any of the major or popular horizontal mowers in the forestry industry, and these are often superior to the OEM bits offered through the actual mower manufacturer.

Tips for Getting the Right Replacements

Look for a company that has an easy to understand chart or guide that allows you to determine the grinder bits they offer that will work on your specific horizontal mower. By having the bits grouped by brands of original manufacturer, it is simple to place and order and know that the teeth you select will be a perfect fit for your drum.

It will also be important to consider the reputation of the company manufacturing the grinder bits. The reputation should be in producing reliable components with a long lifespan that actually help to make the job easier. Companies will typically offer a good selection of both woodchuck as well as carbide tip options that are appropriate for various brands of horizontal grinders.

Simple issues such as the ability and the industry reputation for the grinder bits to hold an edge even in the toughest working conditions is important. With this benefit your equipment works more effectively, resulting in less wear, tear and beating even with the most densely vegetated areas.

The Increased Production Factor

Additionally, with top quality grinder bits the work will be done faster, resulting in more efficiency in completing jobs and less fuel used on any given job. With all these factors in play, the choice of the best quality horizontal grinder teeth actually results in additional cost saving for the entire job.

When shopping around for grinder bits, take a close look at the other equipment options the company offers. This may include saw discs and teeth, harvester, and delimber heads, rotators, processors, and rotators.

The more components that the company offers, the more they can become your go-to source for replacement components in the forestry industry. This is also an essential consideration for OEM companies requiring grinder bits or other components for their own brand of equipment.

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