Dealing With Sinus Problems in Louisville, KY With the Help of an Allergist

People who experience chronic sinus problems in Louisville KY realize they don’t have a cold because it wouldn’t last so long. They wonder whether they have allergies or a sinus infection. It could be one or the other or even both. Allergies that cause hay fever symptoms can eventually lead to infection because the nasal passage lining is inflamed and swollen. The mucus doesn’t drain properly. This condition is known as sinusitis.

Seasonal Allergies

To prevent these types of sinus problems in Louisville KY, people can have their allergies diagnosed and treated by a medical doctor specializing in this medical field. A large number of people have relatively mild symptoms that only occur for a few weeks during specific times of the year when the pollen that bothers them is abundant. Others, however, experience persistent symptoms that are somewhat debilitating.


Hay fever symptoms that are particularly troublesome may include a very congested nose, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, and watery eyes. These people may feel like they have a bad cold even though they know they don’t. They resort to taking over-the-counter medications that clear up the allergy symptoms but brings on side effects. Common side effects, depending on the medicine, include feeling jittery or drowsy.

Sinusitis and sinus infections both can cause pain in the face around the nose as well as headaches. The face may be tender to the touch, especially if the person presses on the skin with his or her fingers. Sinus infections typically have the additional symptom of more dramatic nasal discharge. The mucous is noticeably discolored in a greenish or yellow hue and abnormally thick. There may be a disagreeable odor from the bacteria.

How an Allergist Helps

An allergist may prescribe antibiotics to eradicate the bacterial infection. Skin patch testing can be done to verify the source of the allergens, although many patients already have a good idea of what’s causing the problem. These patients may want to have allergy shots to build up their tolerance to the allergen. They might prefer prescription medication that doesn’t have the same bothersome side effects they’ve developed before. Meet Dr. Steven Smith at the website whenever it’s convenient.

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