A Dog Health Clinic in Clifton, VA Can Help Keep Your Beloved Dog In Great Health

Pet owners need to take their dogs to a dog health clinic in Clifton VA for regular checkups to make sure the pets are healthy. Preventative healthcare is something that just can’t be overlooked. Pet owners have to understand that preventative healthcare is just one aspect of keeping a dog healthy. Dog owners have other actions they should be taking to keep their dogs safe and healthy.

Household Hazards

A house can contain many hazards. Everything from the kitchen to the garage must be checked for hazardous chemicals that could affect a dog’s health. Chemicals such as antifreeze can prove to be fatal to dogs. Cars that leak fluids in the yard need to be considered hazards. A dog could lick the fluids and get seriously ill. A dog that shows signs of being poisoned should be taken to a place like Crosspointe Animal Hospital immediately.


An emergency trip to a dog health clinic in Clifton VA might have to be scheduled if a dog has some type of accident. Fortunately, a lot of accidents are preventable. Every dog owner should seriously consider having a fence installed along with a gate. If a yard is completely secure, a dog won’t be able to escape and get hurt. A dog owner will have to routinely check under the fence to make sure their dog isn’t trying to dig a way out.

Paying Attention

Dogs have to be monitored for sudden changes in behavior. A dog that is full of energy and constantly running around might be sick if it suddenly starts sleeping for extended periods of time. Vomiting is a sure sign a dog is having health issues. If symptoms worsen, the dog should be taken to a vet for help. Symptoms that last 24 hours should also be checked out by a qualified vet.

Dogs rely on their owners to provide them with all the care they need. Arranging for yearly checkups is just one aspect of caring for a dog’s health. A dog owner who loves their pet knows caring for their dog is something that has to be done every single day. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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