Dealing With Vision Problems Centuries Before an Upper West Side Optician Was Available

People can hardly imagine what it was like in antiquated times before eyeglasses were available. With both nearsightedness and farsightedness being common problems, large numbers of individuals had to put up with blurry vision. They didn’t have the option of getting a prescription filled with an Upper West Side Optician along with an enormous selection of stylish frames.

The first eyeglasses were invented in the 13th Century. For a long time, these products were known as spectacles and are still occasionally called so today. Before the devices were invented and became widely available, people with myopia and presbyopia were limited as to what they could accomplish. Nearly all individuals who reach middle age deal with the inability to focus up close very well and nearsightedness usually appear during childhood. Using handheld telescopes or magnifying glasses once they became available were some of the only options these individuals had.

It wasn’t until the 1900s that spectacles truly came into the fashion world. Manufacturers began making frames out of plastic as well as metal. As consumers saw improvements, they began asking for more variety in styles and better comfort. Then, as now, some individuals wanted classic, understated frames, while others preferred bold frames that make a statement. All these customers can find what they want when visiting an Upper West Side Optician with an abundance of eyeglass frames available.

During the late 1900s, large numbers of people tended to stick with a few styles that were greatly in vogue. This is true in the 21st Century to a certain extent, but visitors to a store such as Charlotte Jones Opticians will see a broad range of designs on the racks. One customer wants to fit in with current fashion trends and enjoys wearing similar frames as other people in his or her crowd do. Another customer doesn’t care about this and wants a design that expresses a unique personality. That’s why in this type of store, customers can choose metal frames of gold and silver color, plastic frames in subtle hues, and plastic frames in bright colors. In addition, lens sizes can be very small or quite large.

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