Why You Need Solar Eclipse Glasses

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Eyeglasses

A solar eclipse is an event of a lifetime. Even if you only get to see a total solar eclipse once, it will be some of the most memorable minutes of your life. However, you cannot even begin to enjoy the eclipse without solar eclipse glasses. If you forget your eclipse glasses, you cannot safely look at the sun as the cosmic event unfolds before your eyes.

Without eclipse glasses, you cannot watch the magical movement of sun, moon, and earth as they come into rare perfect alignment. Why go through all the trouble of traveling to an eclipse area without solar eclipse glasses? In 2017 when there was a total solar eclipse throughout the United States, many people assumed they could simply buy their eclipse glasses from any store. They were wrong. Not only did stores sell out of their supplies of eclipse glasses early, there were also many vendors selling fake glasses to unsuspecting tourists. Fake eclipse glasses are not just a waste of money—they are dangerous! Looking at the sun at any stage of an eclipse other than totality can ruin your eyes forever.

Because the safety standards of eclipse glasses need to be totally reliable, companies that manufacture eclipse glasses can receive international certifications on their products. The most important international certification for eclipse glasses is from the International Standardization Organization (ISO). Eclipse glasses from American Paper Optics are ISO certified. Make sure you check for ISO certification and if possible, NASA approval too. NASA and ISO approval is only given to select eclipse glasses manufacturers in the interest of public safety.

You need solar eclipse glasses because viewing a cosmic event of this magnitude is something you do not want to miss. With solar eclipse glasses at your next viewing event, you will have total peace of mind. If you are planning a solar eclipse event in the future, now is the time to order high quality eclipse glasses.

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