Deciding What You Need In AR Accessories

One of the most often mentioned benefits of owning an AR 15 or similar type or style of gun is the ability to add a variety of different parts and components or change out the stock parts for something better suited to a specific shooting style or need.

The AR accessories can range from basics, such as additional magazines or magazines with a larger or smaller number of rounds, to custom handguards and rails, scope mounts, Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS), gas blocks, upgraded triggers, gas busters and charging handles.

The choice of when and how to upgrade to new options in AR accessories is dependent on the goals of the shooter with regards to the performance of the weapon. While the AR styles of rifles are not complex to work on, each part and component has to work in sync and with the weapon to create an accurate gun for hunting, target shooting or even in competitive types of events.

Prioritize Your Needs

The first step in determining the best accessories for your needs is to consider the goal you want to achieve with the weapon. Do you want to focus on creating a distinctive look or style to the weapon? Is there a specific accessory you need for hunting or target shooting to increase accuracy or weapon performance?

For those new to AR-style weapons and options in accessories, browsing AR parts and component manufacturers can be a great starting point to understand the options.

Consider Your Budget

Most AR accessories are very low cost, so budget is less of an issue with these weapons than with some models and makes. Additionally, with just minimal experience and tools, most modifications can be done by the gun owner, which also helps to reduce costs and keep the customization of the weapon under budget.

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