Dental Implants Work Better than Other Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

There are several methods a dentist can use to replace any teeth you may be missing. Dentures, bridges and dental implants can all be used to act as replacement teeth. Many people have found dental implants are the best solution for any teeth they are missing. There are several reasons why dental implants are a better choice than other teeth replacement methods.

1. Implants are surgically placed into your jaw, making them a permanent part of your body. Dentures, on the other hand, must be removed regularly for cleaning and may fall out or come loose unexpectedly.

2. Dentures can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear. They might not fit perfectly, so they can cause sores or abrasions to form inside your mouth. Most people cannot feel implants at all and experience no discomfort from them.

3. Dentures and bridges do not usually look very authentic, and it may be obvious to others they are fake.

4. Wearing dentures can make speaking and eating some foods difficult. Implants work better, as they will not come loose or fit poorly. This makes eating and speaking more natural and easy to do.

5. Implants can be used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Dentures are typically only used for people who are missing several teeth. Dental bridges require a healthy tooth on either side of the missing one to serve as anchors for the bridge. Implants can be used to replace many missing teeth or even just one.

If you are missing some of your teeth, then you know how embarrassing and difficult it can be to function without them. Teeth are used to help you speak and make it easier for you to eat solid foods. Without all of your teeth, you may suffer emotionally and professionally. People often judge others by the way that they look, so missing teeth can hurt you career-wise or in relationships with others. There are several ways a dentist can replace your missing teeth, but some methods work better than others. Most people agree the best way to replace your missing teeth is by getting dental implants. Dental implants from Petreikis L D DDS give a more realistic appearance, so everyone won’t know you have them.

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