Dependable Harvest Weighing Systems

At one time or another, a farmer is going to need to determine how much crop they have already grown. The biggest issue with this is that there are so many variables that must be considered which makes it difficult to weigh crop loads accurately. This is one big hurdle that farmers must have to overcome so that they know how much money that they will need to charge for their product.
Since this is such an important part of farming, farmers need to have the right weighing systems to know how much yielded crop they have. Many farmers use avery weigh tronix scales to weigh both their livestock as well as their crops. However, it is good to know what other options are out there for farmers to choose from.

Portable Axle Scales

Portable axle scales are very versatile, moveable, affordable, as well as accurate. They come in handy because every farmer will need to be versatile at one point or another. Obviously, weighing big loads from a variety of different fields and crops on a large scale can be quite inconvenient and cumbersome. A farmer is constantly working so they require something portable so that they can easily weigh their crops without having to cut into their budgets. Portable truck scales will make it much easier for farmers to do their jobs efficiently.

Grain Cart Scales

These scales are ideal for harvest weighing and farmers who consistently produce a lot of grain. Anyone who produces grain already knows just how time consuming it can be to farm grain and do it efficiently. It requires a great attention to detail to every single crop because they grow in very big quantities. This type of scale is built to work well with large crops. They measure grain out perfectly and should be owned by every farmer who farms grain regularly.

Farmers can also use weighbridge truck scales if they have a lot of volume. If you are a small-scale farmer, then this is not the right scale for you. If you have a lot of financial and farming volume, then you want to invest in a large volume scale.


Weighing systems are very important in the farming industry. It is very important that you find a scale that fits all of your farming needs no matter how big or small. Learn more about them and discover your options.

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