Description And Applications Of Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Electrical devices are a common component of everyday life. Modern technology uses them to accomplish tasks of various types. Behind their operation are complex systems that require the astute application of skill, technology, and innovation. Moving parts generated by electricity require the installation of an electro mechanical assembly to ensure they function according to specifications, function, and environment.

What Are Electro-Mechanical Assemblies?

Most devices that possess mechanical and electrical components are electro-mechanical devices. Inside them are complex parts and intricate circuitry. In order to produce a functional application, the assembly is essential. Specialized assemblers start with designs to construct and construct products that successfully control the electrical current that flows within the specific item.

Electro-mechanical assemblies include a variety of items including, but not restricted to

* Box build assemblies

* Fan tray assemblies

* Switch and sensor assemblies

All electro-mechanical assemblies possess one distinct characteristic. They combine electrical and mechanical components. They also have a wiring harness. This latter component is responsible for providing a route through which power and signals are able to flow unimpeded from one assembly to the other assemblies present in the device.


An electro-mechanical assembly finds application in diverse industries and in specific products. Among the common employment of electro-mechanical assemblies are:

* Control panel boxes

* Elevator controls

* Weapons’ systems

* Power supplies

* Printed circuit board conveyors

* Speed sensor controls

Customers range from security and related industries, e.g., military, traffic control, transportation. In fact, electro-mechanical assemblies also form a component in air conditioning units as well as aircraft, tanks, and automobiles.

Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electro-mechanical assemblies are omnipresent in today’s world. They are a component in military vehicles and our automobiles and buses. They are present in air conditioners and help with the operation and accuracy of missiles. The application for an electro-mechanical assembly is both far-reaching and mundane. Every day, we use them, rely on them and have no idea of the overall complexity of their nature.