The Importance Of The Water Meter Connection By Professionals

It may be very natural for a property owner to attempt to do some minor repairs and retrofit types of projects on their own. These do-it-yourself projects are often a way to reduce the cost of maintenance on the building and, with a bit of experience, many property owners can do a very good job.

However, some specific types of tasks, including adding a water meter connection to an existing or new plumbing system, is a task that should be left to the professionals. There are several reasons why a do-it-yourself water meter installation and connection to the main water line is never a good idea to do on your own.

Positioning the Water Meter

When determining the ideal water meter connection location, there are several factors to keep in mind. Water meters are designed to be installed either horizontally or vertically, with some meters designed for multiple configurations for installation.

Incorrectly installing a water meter can result in accuracy problems with readings, increased risk of leaks around the water meters and even water meter failure. For this reason, most municipalities will not allow do-it-yourself meter installation, which is a good indicator of why a professional is needed for submetered water meter connection.

Correctly Installing the Meter

Connecting the submeter to the supply line for the unit will be essential to protect against leakage. As water supply lines are under pressure, even small leaks can result in a lot of damage in a short period of time.

The meter will be attached to the supply line into the meter and then from the meter to the apartment unit using couplings. These are typically made of brass and must be sized and applied to the line and the meter to eliminate the risk of leaks. Overtightening or insufficient tightening of these couplings can lead to problems with leaks over time.

With professional services, the installation work is guaranteed. This means that if a leak does occur, the company will return and correct the problem without any additional costs to the property owner.