Diesel Exhaust Linked To Cancer In Humans

by | May 23, 2017 | Lawyers

It is no longer conjecture. Experts associated with the World Health Organization (WHO) have concluded that the exhaust from diesel engines definitely cause lung cancer. The findings, which were released in 2012, are based on sufficient evidence that exposure to diesel exhaust increases the risk of lung cancer. Among the people involved in the study were railroad workers and other high risk workers. Workers have the right under federal law to engage the professional services of a diesel exhaust cancer lawyer and pursue a claim for compensation.

It s not just railroad workers:

Although railroad workers are considered high risk, they are not the only people that are exposed to high concentrations of diesel exhaust.

For many years, American industry has relied on diesel engine powered vehicles to move goods and people. Diesel fuel, being less expensive than gasoline has long been the fuel of choice for ships, trains and trucks. As a result, workers in such industries as mining and trucking have been over-exposed to cancer causing pollutants in concentrations far in excess of that of the larger population.

For anyone that has been exposed to high concentrations of diesel exhaust in the job they are currently doing or a job they performed in the past, they may be in line for compensation. Lung cancer and bladder cancer are the most prevalent forms of cancer that affects this sector of industrial workers.

You have legal rights:

Railroad workers that believe their illness is a result of exposure to diesel exhaust have the right under the Federal Government Employers Liability Act to hire a diesel exhaust cancer lawyer and pursue a case.

This act was passed by Congress, under the act; workers who are not protected by workers compensation can turn to FELA and sue. Unlike workers comp. which pays benefits to a predetermined schedule, FELA allows a jury to award money to compensate for pain and suffering.

If you believe your illness is the result of exposure to diesel exhaust you have the right to hire a diesel exhaust cancer lawyer and pursue compensation. For a free evaluation of your case you are invited to contact Diesel Injury Law.

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