When you need a good pre-owned car, you could go to GM or Ford dealers, and they may have a few cars you can check out. In fact, you might find an excellent vehicle this way. However, when you go to used car specialists, you increase your odds of finding what you want at the right price, and here are some reasons why.


GM or Ford dealers only have cars that customers traded in for new ones, as a general rule. Their selections are pretty much “hit and miss.” However, a dealer specializing in quality used cars has many sources for vehicles. After all, selling good pre-owned cars is all they do. You’ll find a wide choice of vehicles, including cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

No Haggle Prices

Many GM, Chrysler, and Ford dealers mark up prices on their vehicles, and if you want the best deal, you have to haggle. In other words, they tell you a price, and then you make an offer. The salesperson then makes a counter offer, and you never know if you’re getting the best deal or not.
Used car specialists offer “no haggle” prices. They know you don’t like to go through the process of arguing about the price, so they set their prices at the bottom, to begin with. This makes the process of buying a car, simple and uncomplicated.

A Fine Line between New and Used

Used car specialists have some of the finest pre-owned cars in the city. In fact, you can find cars less than one year old in excellent condition. These cars have affordable prices and can save you thousands of dollars over the price of new cars.

Easy Financing

Many Chrysler, GM, or Ford dealers offer factory financing which is not always easy to qualify for. Used car specialists offer guaranteed financing, so most people have no problems getting a loan.