Different Travertine Finishes for the Perfect French Pattern Travertine

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Flooring

Currently, travertine is in high demand for both decorative and architectural needs. The popularity of this material may be attributed to its outstanding qualities and the elegance it adds to various building projects. The material is mainly used to add a finishing touch to various flooring and wall projects. For a unique space, you can choose the travertine tile color and pattern that will best suit your application. Being a natural stone, the color of travertine depends on the organic and mineral content of the rock. Currently, travertine is available in different natural shades, ranging from pale creamy white and soft ivory to golden shades of honey and walnut.

While some of the travertine varieties in the market today tend to have a more consistent color, it is hard to get one that has a single color. The stones feature bands, veins or mottling of contrasting colors. Although each travertine stone will have a unique character, stones quarried from the same region have a remarkable resemblance to each other and may be used to create an elegant floor. Mentioned here are some of the main travertine finishes that may be used to create a beautiful French pattern travertine.

Brushed Travertine

Not all the homeowners want to have a perfectly smooth floor surface. There are those who would love to have a more natural feel on the floor surface. The brushed travertine tiles have been lightly brushed to give the floor a textured feel that is not rough. This type of travertine finish has pockets and holes on its surfaces, which add to its charm. To add to the natural authenticity of the stone, this finish has rounded edges that appear as though they are chipped

Tumbled Travertine

This travertine finish is ideal for the home owners who would prefer to have softer edges on their floors, rather than the straight edges associated with many tiles. The natural and soft appearance of the tiles is created by tumbling them together.

Filled and Honed Travertine

This is among the most popular finishes used in French pattern travertine today. It is preferred because of its superior aesthetic qualities. Naturally, travertine has a pitted and uneven surface. This surface is smoothed in the factory to create a rather smooth surface. A filling technique is then used on the material and light polishing applied to make its surface perfectly smooth.

Polished Travertine

This type of travertine tiles have been highly polished and buffed to give a glassy and reflective appearance. The surface may have a few holes and pockets, which compliment the perfectly smooth and reflective surface.

Different travertine finishes may be used to create a magnificent French pattern travertine. The choice of the finish to use will mainly depend on your personal preferences.

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