If you’re tired of how your wheels look and you want to go for a stealthy look on your car, look no further than a set of Giovanna wheels.

In case you aren’t already familiar with their products, Giovanna makes wheels for every size of car. The company seems to have a particular talent for the stealth look, as most of their wheels come in matte black finishes. All of the wheels listed below are available in other stunning colors as well. Even if stealth isn’t what you’re looking for, you should pay attention to the brand.

Giovanna is a leader in the industry and was one of the earliest manufacturers to offer a line of custom rims. Giovanna has a good deal of experience in manufacturing wheels. First introduced in the 1990s, their reputation has always been that they make excellent products.

Quality is of the highest priority for their brand. You should expect the best from all of their products.

The five sets below will be a great first step toward achieving the look you want.

Yerevan Black

These massive 26” wheels from Giovanna have an incredible look. The fourteen ultra-thin spokes are sure to impress onlookers.

These lightweight wheels will improve both the look and feel of your ride. Designed for high-performance tires, these Yerevan rims will help your car get the best possible grip.

Santorini Black and Red

These wheels look stunning in person. The matte black finish on the spokes will contribute to the stealth look you might want while the striking red ring is an unmistakable sign of performance.

The twelve medium spokes look fantastic at high speed or standing still. A set of these rims would look fantastic on an SUV.

Santorini Black

If the red accent of the previous listing isn’t your cup of tea, you might be interested in the black version. A white accent runs around the wheel where it meets the tire which will draw a stark contrast between rubber and rim.

These rims invoke a sense of refined style that would complement any large vehicle without attracting too much attention to themselves.

Dalar5 Black

The maker of this set of wheels, Giovanna Rims, is known for their incredibly high standards. This set of rims is sure to raise the bar.

Anyone trying to induce the look of an international spy will love the matte black finish found on these rims.

Of course, the matte black finish is not the only one available.

These 20” rims would look superb on any coupe or sedan.

Kilis Black

The aggressive styling of the fourteen spokes on these rims is sure to take the attitude of your car up to the next level.

These Giovanna rims look incredible in person.

These rims measure in at 22”. They would look fantastic on any modern sedan or coupe.