Discovery The Many Homes For Sale In Kirkland, WA

Ever thought about picking up and moving? If so, consider the Puget Sound region in Washington. Contact a Realtor to learn about homes for sale in Kirkland WA. Kirkland is a fast-growing community with lots of room for newcomers.

History of Kirkland

The area was home to Native Americans before settlers came. One of those settlers, Peter Kirk, moved to Washington to build a steel manufacturing plant. Iron was discovered in the Cascades, and Kirk wanted to start a town centered around a mill. Newspaperman Leigh S.J. Hunt went into business with Kirk and they purchased thousands of acres.

For many reasons, Kirk’s steel mill was never successful. However, many people settled in the town named for the entrepreneur. Later, Washington’s first wool mill opened in Kirkland. The mill prospered by selling to Alaskan prospectors and the military during World War I.

Kirkland Today

Much of the activity in Kirkland centers around the waterfront. The waterfront has beach areas, restaurants, and lots of shopping. More than 90,000 people live in the city, and the median family income is over $100,000.

Microsoft, Amazon, and The University of Washington are three of the largest employers in the area. Further, many residents work in Seattle, which is less than thirty minutes away. In addition, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is 73 miles away. The shipyard is one of the state’s largest civilian employers.

No Problems With Finding A Home

There are plenty of homes for sale in Kirkland WA. In addition, many new houses are being built. Some of the popular neighborhoods include Totem Lake, Moss Bay, and North Rose Hill. Condos and apartments are also plentiful.
Families love the fact that Kirkland has fantastic public and private schools. Further, the area is well-known for higher education. There are 15 colleges and universities nearby.

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