What Is Hard Drive Degaussing?

Most people have no idea what degaussing is or what it is used for. Simply put, it eliminates magnetic fields in electronics such as hard drives. This will leave your hard drive completely free of data. This process is often done when someone needs to dispose of their computers. Whether you are upgrading, or issues have occurred, degaussing is the best way to be assured you will leave no trace of data for someone to find. As electronic devices have become so important in our day to day routines, you will find there are quite a few companies who now offer degaussing. If you are dealing with sensitive data, this destruction method is required by many. Therefore, finding a trusted company that offers a hard drive degausser is important.

Why Degaussing is Needed

Data is hard to completely erase from hard drive. With skill, even data that you think is gone, can be recovered and used against you. This is one of the ways identity theft can come about, as well as hacked bank accounts, and business accounts. When changing hard drives, it is imperative that all the information off your old one is gone before you take any chances of discarding it. Degaussing the hard drive leaves it defective and unable to retain any types of data, which is ideal in most circumstances. Companies have begun offering hard drive degaussers as part of their processes for destroying hard drives, especially in cases of sensitive materials. Once your hard drive has been degaussed, it is then time to shred or destroy the hard drive completely, ensuring you will have no future issues.

Hard Drive Degausser

If you need a hard drive degausser, the professional team at EPE Components offers degaussing as well as shredding and destruction of hard drives. They will gladly help you ensure your data has been properly eliminated from all of your devices.

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