Distributors of Ice Cube Wholesale in Suffolk County NY Provide Product for Frequent Residential Use

It can be difficult for many people to imagine a household that needs weekly deliveries of ice cubes. However, some wealthy families live in very large homes on Long Island, and they welcome guests throughout the summer months. At any time during the summer, there may be a need for ice in beverages and in cooler containers as well as for buffet brunches, lunches, and dinners set up in a dining area or on the patio or poolside. The family needs a distributor of ice cube wholesale in Suffolk County, NY to meet their summertime needs.

Of course, large plastic bags of ice are available in various sizes at retail stores all over the area. Grocery stores and convenience stores are some of the obvious locations where people go to pick up ice for a party or just to have some on hand as needed. But, when someone would have to buy big bags of ice every week and haul them home, being able to get delivery of ice cube wholesale in Suffolk County, NY is a much more convenient solution.

Before refrigeration became prevalent in residences, it was common to see delivery personnel known as ice men bringing ice blocks in carts or wagons attached to vehicles. Delivery in modern times, naturally, involves a truck that can keep blocks and cubes of water frozen as it travels about the area. Loading dock workers stack the bags on pallets so the product can be easily unloaded.

In the summer months, a company like Long Island Ice & Fuel is extremely busy producing crystal clear cubes for commercial use and for important events such as weddings. It also makes plenty of the product for its residential customers who need regular deliveries for more casual use. This type of organization delivers bags of ice up to 40 lbs., and customers also can pick up crushed ice at the company’s loading dock. They make sure to keep up with demand by producing more than a quarter-million pounds of ice every day, and they focus on high quality as well as quantity. Please visit the website IceFuelLI.com to learn more.

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