What to Consider when Purchasing Ice Cube Wholesale in Long Island, NY

For many restaurant owners, perhaps it is safe to say that one of the more commonly stocked items is the ice used for cooking and customer drinks. In addition to ice filling the needs of customers, the type of ice used is a way to attract more customers. It is important for every restaurant owner to determine what shape and amount are needed when purchasing ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY.

Shapes of Ice

There are four main types of ice that are typically purchased for restaurants.

Cubed- Cubed ice is the more common form of ice cube available. They are available in both half and full cubes. They are perfect for use in bars and restaurant settings for when drinking mixed drinks, soft drinks, and keeping the salad bar cool. Cubed ice is inexpensive to make and contain a slower melting time with a high liquid displacement.

Nugget Ice- Nugget ice is among the top favorite shapes of ice enjoyed by consumers. Pebble ice absorbs the flavor of the beverages while maintaining a low melt time. They use fifty percent less water when forming than cubed ice and have a higher liquid displacement. Pebble ice is perfect for use in soft drinks, blended drinks/smoothies, and fast food or casual restaurants.

Flake Ice- Flake ice is small, soft flakes of ice that cook quickly and are easy to mold. They are essential for use in cafeterias, salad bars or seafood presentations. It is also great for foods that need to cool quickly. The soft texture allows consumers to chew the ice easier without causing damage to the teeth. Flaked ice is also commonly known as shaved ice, making it a popular summertime treat.

Specialty Ice- Specialty ice comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The fancier shapes of the cubes keep the drinks colder for a longer period without diluting the drink. They have a higher liquid displacement ratio which benefits the restaurant owner in profit. Specialty ice is ideal for soft drinks, cocktails and in fine dining restaurants, where appearance goes a long way.

It is important to know which type of ice is best suited for your restaurant when purchasing ice cube wholesale in Long Island, NY. Choosing the right ice can make all the difference with the success a restaurant has. Visit the website for all of your ice purchasing needs.