Do You Have What It Takes For A Career In Animation?

For many people, a career in animation seems like the perfect profession, and if you have the technical knowledge, the creativity, and the artistic talent, it is a wonderful choice.

People with training in animation can find jobs in a wide range of different areas. They are in demand in movie production, gaming development, website design and development, marketing and advertising and in many other specialized areas. In fact, you may be surprised where training in this very specialized field may take you.

However, this is also a very demanding and technical field. Professionals have to be able not just to have the artistic ability to conceptualize something, they need to have the skills to turn that vision into a 3D model or rendering and then work on it go to get every detail of the movement, shadow, lighting, and the nuances of the character absolutely perfect.

Deciding if you are a good match for a career in animation starts with considering just what the job entails.

A Natural Interest in the World Around You

While you may be spending days at the computer or working with the team to get a specific scene just right, noticing things in the world around you is critical to be effective in animation.

Understanding how light and shadow work to create the sense of depth, movement and space, or even being able to depict realistically the color of the sky, an urban environment or any other real or fictional place is going to be essential to be effective.

Top animators are people that are naturally curious. They don’t just focus on their animations, but they use their observations of the world around them to bring animations to life.

Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Working at a computer on your own will be part of your daily routine, but so will working with the rest of the production team. This is will be true if you are working on a movie, a game or a website as there will be other professionals to share information, collaborate with and get feedback from. In some cases, people may choose to work freelance, which means you may be working directly with the client and other professionals to create the final animation sequence.

In all areas where a career in animation is in demand, you will find that staying on top of current technology is going to be essential. The software programs are constantly evolving and having the ability and the initiative to learn new programs, utilize new tools and improve your skills will be an ongoing part of your career.

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