Do You Need a Therapist? Signs It Isn’t Just the Blues

by | Apr 2, 2024 | Psychologist

When it comes to emotional experience, there’s always something we aren’t prepared to take in. Stress, emotional anguish, anger—when do you know if it’s just you feeling the whole world is out of step or when it’s time to seek out professional help? Identifying the onset of a mental illness might be well beyond your scope. To make sure, seek out professional help from a therapist in Temecula CA. Here are some of the signs to help you:

You feel every experience intensely

Feeling down, upset or disappointed is normal. But how often do you get into a rage? How often do you feel depressed? Does it get in the way of your work or life? If you’re starting to be overcome by fear or anxiety attacks that you can’t even leave your home or go to work, that’s one sign, you aren’t dealing with the blues anymore.

You’ve undergone a traumatic experience

If you went through a traumatic phase or point in your life—you got divorce, was tossed out of a job you loved or went through a devastating breakup, all that could contribute to stress, pain or emotional anguish so strong you need counseling to help you through it. Consult with a therapist in Temecula, CA to help you unpack and process those emotions in a healthy way.

You’re using drugs to cope

Taking in alcohol or drugs that go beyond doctors’ prescriptions in order to cope is often one of the signs that you need help, the Huffington Post says. The substance abuse isn’t limited to drug or alcohol intake. It can also be food. If you’re overeating or you don’t want to eat anything, then those could all be signs that it’s time to seek out help.

So don’t dismiss the signs. If you feel any of these playing out, get help. Visit Aspire Wellness Clinic today for more information or follow them on Twitter for additional updates.

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