Dodge Bearings: The Imperial Spherical Roller Bearings

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Industrial Supply

While ball bearings remain the most common type in many forms of machinery today, other kinds are often essential to ensure the machinery operates properly. While many manufacturers are capable of producing high quality and reliable bearings, Texas companies often rely on those produced by Dodge-Baldor. It is hard to surpass Dodge bearings. They produce durable, quality products including Dodge Imperial Spherical Roller Bearings.

Dodge Imperial Spherical Roller Bearings

This type of bearing is advantageous for many industries in Texas. It has several positive qualities that ensure it provides optimal functionality in specific applications. In particular, the Dodge ® S-2000 spherical roller bearing offers the following:

* Quick installation and easy removal

* Different configurations including:

* Flange

* Piloted flange

* Pillow block

* Insert

* Interchangeable dimensions

* Superior sealing options for improved protection e.g. Trident or Labyrinth

* Compact solid cast iron, or cast steel housing

* Longevity with extended life bearings

* High-capacity bearing

* Expansion capabilities

* Misalignment capabilities

This style of Dodge bearings also offers companies to choose modifications and accessories. Industries may opt for special greases or request nickel-plated or nylon coated housings.

Common Applications for Dodge Imperial Spherical Roller Bearings

Many industries request this type of Dodge bearing as a component in fans and conveyors. They are commonly for applications within the beverage and food industry. They are also in use by the air handling and pharmaceutical companies. They are also in use in equipment employed in the paper and forestry industries.

Dodge Bearings: The Imperial Spherical Roller

Over the past 125 years, Dodge has established a reputation for manufacturing reliable, quality products for companies around the globe. In Texas, industries have come to rely on the excellence of such manufactured goods as Dodge bearings to help their equipment operate smoothly and efficiently under a variety of standard, trying and even hazardous conditions.

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