The Benefits of Rebuilt Transmissions

Have you discovered that your transmission is starting to fail? No one likes to think about a failing transmission, as they know just what a hassle it can be to have fixed. If your transmission is in trouble, there are several potential solutions available to help you remedy this issue.

First, you could try to have the transmission repaired. Of course, depending on the age and the state of the transmission, this might not be feasible or possible. Also, if the transmission it truly in a sorry state, it could mean that you would just end up spending more money on repairs in the long run. Replacing the transmission is another option, but this is not always feasible, as the cost can be prohibitive for many.

Often, rebuilt transmissions are going to be a good choice, as they have some benefits that you will not find the other options.

Less Cost

One of the reasons so many people worry about transmission problems is because they know just how costly they can be. It’s important to understand that quality rebuilds, and repairs, do come with a cost, but when you choose to rebuild a transmission rather than buy a new one for replacement, it can save you a substantial amount of money. The exact price is going to vary, naturally, but it is often possible to save hundreds of dollars or more. Just make sure you are working with professionals who can do a complete, quality rebuild.

Less Time

Even though you may think that a replacement is going to be faster than a rebuild, that is not always the case. Getting a transmission shipped to the shop for replacement can take a week or more in many instances. Those who are knowledgeable about rebuilds can often complete the rebuild in far less time.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Since the rebuild is only going to repair the parts that are damaged and worn, you will find that it is also a greener option than getting an all new transmission.

If you are in the market for a rebuilt transmission, make sure you get in touch with SOS Transmissions. The company has a wealth of experience working with all types of transmissions and can provide you with the rebuild you need to help give your vehicle some extra life. You can get in touch by calling 708-344-1760, or by visiting the website. You can watch their videos on YouTube to know more.

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